About the Book

“In The Mission Driven Hospital, Dr. Chris Bart brings his unparalleled expertise as the world’s leading expert on mission statements to bear on health care providers, and hospitals in particular. The book is the result of Bart’s latest research into the principles and practices of almost 500 hospitals.

Using case study examples drawn from real-life hospital operations, written in a clear language, and featuring the latest in in-depth research data, The Mission Driven Hospital is a practical, thorough, and essential step-by-step guide for hospital Boards and their CEOs looking to make their mission statements truly matter and thereby capture the elusive mission mystique!.

The Mission Driven Hospital has already been wholeheartedly endorsed by the health care leadership community in North America including the influential Ontario Hospital Association. It is predicted that The Mission Driven Hospital will become mandatory reading for every CEO and Board Chair in the health sector today.”

About the Author

Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA is the world’s leading authority on organizational mission statements and their successful execution. He is also the Founder, Principal and Lead Professor of The Directors College as well as the Founder of the Not-For-Profit Governance Institute.

Dr. Bart has authored the 10 year Canadian business best seller (2003-2013), “A Tale of Two Employees and the Person Who Wanted to Lead Them” as well as the widely acclaimed publication “20 Essential Questions Corporate Directors Should Ask About Strategy (2013)”. He also has another new book soon scheduled for release: “Achieving the Execution Edge: 20 Essential Questions Corporate Directors Need to Get Answered About Strategy Execution”.

Through his pioneering research and teachings, Dr. Bart has become highly sought after by organizations seeking to develop vision and mission statements that get results. His practical approach for bringing mission statements to life has inspired business leaders and audiences around the world.

A retired Professor of Strategy and Governance from McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business, Dr. Bart has published over 160 articles, cases and reviews. He lives in Hamilton Ontario with his wife Judy.